This blog introduces the reader to the Divide and Conquer strategy and discusses a versatile 3 step method that can be adapted to solve almost all the problems that fall under the category of Divide and Conquer. To explain the concept in detail, the blog will use — Merge Sort — an algorithm that every Computer Science student should understand well. The blog also explains how to code Merge Sort and covers the practical aspect by providing the reader with a well-commented Python code. In the end, it also provides a few practice questions with links to the solutions.


This blog explains the underlying algorithm behind the Array Two Pointer approach and covers a few questions from LeetCode that could be solved using the same. I hope this blog is helpful for those who are preparing for their technical rounds.

With no more delay, let us start with the topic.

Two Pointers

At times we come across questions in which:

  1. We are given an array, and
  2. Either we need to find a subarray,
  3. Or, we need to find a pair that fulfills some condition.

In such situations, we prefer using the two pointer approach. …

Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) is one of the core concepts of Machine Learning. A lot of other Machine Learning algorithms/techniques are based on results derived using MLE. Therefore, it is always suggested to have a proper understanding of the concept and have a handy example within our pockets.

This story conveys the intent behind MLE and also provides us with an easy example that we can keep handy with us for future use.

An attempt has been made to reduce the use of Mathematics to the maximum extent possible. …

Graduating early from college left me with four months of time to kick back and relax. The bucket list which had been augmenting for the past four years finally began to shrink. The beginning of the vacation saw me full of energy and enthusiasm. However, as weeks passed, boredom started seeping in. The fact that I had not been productive for weeks made me feel slightly guilty. Before the dilemma could have started torturing me, I got a wonderful email from Neha. Yup!!! I had cleared my interviews and was eligible to be a Wingtern. I was lucky enough to…

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